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Learning is effective if the need for learning is realised by learner. Need for learning is understood if scope of better performance can be visualised. Designed learning solutions and focussed efforts towards performance improvement will deliver envisaged outcomes. We deliver designed learning solutions to fill measured performance gaps.

Process gaps shall induce the intent to find “who’s wrong” when a problem is  countered. Effective process engineering of HRMS/ HRIS can avoid chaos and routine communication. We steer customized process engineering for People Managment and Expenses.

To drive employee adoption and maximise return on changes including technology changes, it’s mandate to change the behaviour of people within organisation. What we need is a way to break down the people barriers and change behaviour to encourage widespread adoption and, ultimately, achievement of business goals.

Our transformational leadership development shall encompass effective utilisation of Fluid and Crystallized intelligence for digital sustainability and people performance. Displacing the barriers to implement best practices and reap benefits will make a Leader’s role vital. We prefer due diligance and customized solution packages.

Customized Training Solutions based on Training Need analysis will deliver desired results. We refrain from doing off the shelf modulces as the ROI and impact analysis shall not be approriate and ambiguous.

Promising process performers need a conversion learning to become a Manager. Their inate leadership qualities to be groomed to ease out with confidence in unique style. We deliver Manager Development programs custom designed based on industry, sector and organisation culture.

Psychometric tests have importance in diferent stages of the employee life cycle, and business relevance for people management like the human resource job description – appraisals, hiring, learning & development and more. It’s been known to increase performance given the correct use of both cognitive and personality tests, two of the most important components to a psychometric test in business. Customized Psychometric Tests as per assessment matrix will have appropriate prediction.

Is your team ready to perform, how is it measured? Alignment of objectives to performance. Customized, Valid and Reliable assessment of competence and performance

Subjective behavioural measurement is a prime challenge in Continuous Performance Improvement plans. There’s higher Probability of behavioural assessments and feedback being broad and biased. BARS makes this mechanism effective and unbiased with standarised measurement tool and sharp focus towards business objectives.

Development and application of Balanced Score Card, Hoshin Matrix. Strategic Performance Management weds strategic planning with performance management in a living system that provides direction for people’s work while allowing for innovation and adjustment in course to produce better results more efficiently. Strategic Performance Management includes elements of strategic planning and connects them to performance measures, productivity considerations, and ongoing processes for gauging progress, improving practice, and exceeding expectations.

Culture being the vital differentiator how and why organisations outperform, has been preliminary bullseye for Organisations. Culture is the most discussed talent issue on earnings calls, with mentions growing 12% annually since 2010. No culture can be permanent or best, fast change business enviroment and globalised change in people behaviour demand periodical and smooth culture change. We deliver culture development strategies and alignment of Culture with operations requirement.