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For any health care delivery system to improve it is at-most essential to ensure the value delivered to patients. It is the value that matters irrespective of the number of services or volume of services provided.

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the term given to a financial process, encompassing management of funds as well as collecting payments for the treatment you offer your patients.

We at Rexon Proserv take your journey of Health Care Revenue Cycle Management to a new level with improvement in your profitability.


Payment Posting

  • Patient Payments

  • Insurance Payment Posting both Manual and Electronic Remittance Advance (ERA)

  • Denial Posting

  • Reducing TAT to increase productivity by maintaining accuracy

Claim Submission & Rejection Management

  • Parsing of claims information from RCM to clearing house

  • Respond immediately to any throwbacks

  • Ensure proper scrubbing process

  • Ensure clear documentation is followed

Patient Registration

  • Rexon-Proserv uses comparative benchmarking and find candidates who not only have the required experience and expertise but are the correct cultural fit with the organization.

Credit Balance & Refunds Processing

  • Credit balance with Payers is validated with every refund request & processed

  • Dispute resolution with Payer

  • Government Payer requests being prioritized & processed on time

  • Patient credit balance is validated and refund processed

  • Comply with all regulatory guidelines

Patient Scheduling

  • Improve Pre-registration by proper follow up with patients

  • Proper patient information collection and verifying eligibility

  • Enhance Patient satisfaction by proper engagement

  • Reduce No-shows

  • Automated reminders

Revenue Cycle Analytics

  • Rexon Proserv provides top class RCM Consultants

  • Our team provides RCM Analysis for generating various reports across providers

  • Deep insight into all possible revenue cycle leakages

  • Provides exclusive call support to resolve any issues

Medical Coding

  • Our focus is eliminating all coding errors and complying with ICD-19 and CPT standards

  • Our team members is well versed in Medical procedures and every procedure requirements

  • Services includes Coding for professional services

  • Coding for Emergency Departments

  • Proper Audit and Education

  • In Patient Coding

  • Coding Denial Management

Denial Management

  • Claims Resubmission, Denial Prevention & Proper correspondence, Appeals

  • Ensure every denied claim is analyzed, resolved & re-submitted

  • Includes Clinical Appeals Service, Complex Denial Service Government Appeal Service

  • Our AR portal facilitates clear Revenue cycle pattern

  • Structured Analytics to provide revenue leakage

Provider Credentialing & Enrolment

  • Rexon Proserv Credential services is designed to smooth complicated process of taking new clinicians through Payers requirements

  • This will ensure smooth flow of Revenue and Payments

  • Ensure continuous Health Care Access to your Patients

  • Enabling TAT

  • Reduction in denial of claims

Accounts Receivables (AR) Management

  • Rexon Proserv AR Management processes utilizes proper analytics & focus on account resolution

  • Bucket wise AR ageing analysis

  • Creating work queues for effective follow up

  • Clear focus on Call quality

  • Strong focus on Quality

  • Utilizing all avenues to reach out to Payers

  • Follow up to reduce Day sales outstanding

Eligibility, Benefits Verification, & Prior Authorization

Rexon Proserv helps healthcare providers reduce AR and increase revenue by substantially decreasing denial of accounts not eligible patients

  • Prior authorization services ensure patients get timely care while availing services uninterrupted for the services provided

  • We prepare prior authorization requests in appropriate payer specific formats

  • Ensure proper follow up in timely manner for all the requests submitted

  • Improve proper claim submissions

  • Reduce substantially days in AR

  • Reduces costs substantially as much as 40-50% through offshore delivery